Back and Neck Pain Doctors

Most people experience some form of back pain in their lives. In the last few decades, back pain has become increasingly more common worldwide. Although it can be quite shortlived and limited in many cases, people who experience severe back pain that last more than a few days understand how debilitating and life changing it can be.

There are a wide range of causes for back pain, ranging from poor posture, disc related problems to more serious conditions like infections or cancer. The biggest challenge for the back pain sufferer is to know where to seek the right advice, help and treatment. At backpaindoctor, we have world-leading back specialists and physical therapists that can provide prompt and accurate diagnosis of the cause of your back pain. And recommend the best treatment suited to your condition and needs.

At backpaindoctor, we offer a wide range of treatments including specialist rehabilitation and exercise therapies; minimally invasive procedures to reduce inflammation and improve spine health such as ozone treatment, image guided spinal injections; to state-of-the-art day case surgeries such as laser discectomies and epiduroscopies (keyhole telescopic surgery) to definitively target the cause of your back pain.

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